CELLISS targets cellulite, refines the silhouette, smoothes and tones the skin, detoxifies the body, accelerates recovery... and much more...


Celliss is a unique body contouring device.

Thanks to its global treatment and its patented non-invasive TSS technology, based on waves of percussion and suction, Celliss is the only solution capable of treating a large surface of the body simultaneously and thus guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment.

In addition to respecting the appearance of the skin and optimizing slimming results, Celliss activates the natural detoxification process.

At the forefront of innovation, the CELLISS is 100% hands-free and has personalized programs and an intuitive touch interface, all made in France.

CELLISS: its actions and benefits

Targets cellulite

Refines the silhouette

Smooths and tones the skin

Detoxifies the body and speeds up recovery

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