Be-Bô hub, your wellness environment

The e-commerce portal comes to meet you and welcomes you to its be-bô hub.


be-bô hub, a real place dedicated to the various Beauty Sport Wellness & Lifestyle actors, bringing together the centers of interest and common values of the be-bô Generation!


  • To e-commerce products
  • Personalized advice
  • To rental services – after-sales service

Benefit from the unique be-body concept

  • Developing a fitness plan
  • Personalized support and follow-up
  • Exclusive services at the forefront of innovation

Simple – Safe – Effective – Fast – No obligation – Attractive price

Simple – Safe – Effective – Fast – No obligation – Attractive price

The be-bô hubs use validated, certified and patented equipment from a network of local designers and manufacturers. Real “short circuit” to you.

Be-body optimizes your results thanks to the synergy of different technologies as well as food supplements and energy drinks.

Let’s achieve your ambitious fitness goals together in a short time.

Become an actor, actor of your fitness plan.

Our HUBs in Switzerland

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