Sonical TRIO rental

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* Complete pack x3 ready to use
* Destocking 1350 kcal in 40 min
* Daily or sports use
* Multi-zones

* Includes 3 devices, support straps, contact gel and charger
* Free shipping and return


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Sonic Resonance® technology allows fat storage in the area (s) targeted by the devices. You consume these destocked fats, the results are quickly visible, there is no rebound effect. The duo allows you to destock 100 grs of fat. Compared to the Sonical mono, it treats 2x more surface area and releases twice the fat, all in just 40 min.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 26 × 26 × 22 cm

5083a aluminum plate, anodized with sealing and satin finish.
Allergy-free ABS shell


Length: 165
Width: 70
Height: 24mm
Contact area 115.5 cm2


215 grams


5 sessions of 40 min


Li-polymer battery, 15 W
11.1 Volts, 0.5 mAh


2 years

How does the rental work?

Reserve your Sonical module (s) in a few steps

  1. Choose the desired duration. Either 1 9-day slot (+ weekend), or 2 9-day slot (+ weekend).
  2. Choose the desired period in the calendar (availability in green).
  3. Check that the dates correspond to your wishes and book.
  4. Pay your order in your basket, you will receive it on the start date of your rental.
  5. Attention, please return the product to us on the last indicated day of your rental. The return is included in the price paid. Its process is indicated in the package.


It is not recommended to use Slim Sonic technology under the following conditions:

  • during the entire period of pregnancy and wait at least 6 months after childbirth
  • for Pace Maker wearers
  • if you have metal plates or screws in the areas to be treated
  • if you are affected by cancer or metastases
  • if you have skin lesions in the areas to be treated
  • if you have an unconsolidated fracture in the areas to be treated
  • if you have recently had a transplant
  • if you have bone prostheses in the areas to be treated. This list is not exhaustive, if you suffer from serious pathology (s) not indicated above, we ask you to consult a doctor.

Processing interference

  • high protein food supplements : this type of supplement must absolutely be avoided during the treatment phases. The main source of energy that the muscles will consume, with Slim Sonic, are the fat released. Protein intakes are therefore in contradiction with our treatments
  • menopause : The hormonal changes generated by menopause can temporarily block the transformation of fat. If this is the case, wait until the end of this period to redo your treatments. As an indication, the success rate even during this period is 80%.
  • tinnitus : for people sensitive to the inner ear, SLIM SONIC may be disturbing. If this is the case, we advise to give up the treatment.
  • anti-depressants : certain treatments with anti-depressants can also block the transformation of fats. However, we note that in 90% of cases the treatments with SLIM SONIC work.
  • cortisone : Cortisone treatments can cause weight gain and fluid retention in some patients. With a SLIM SONIC treatment, you can maintain your body size but more difficult to reduce your abdominal circumference.