Maiday Cetoprot 300 gr


  • Allows the body to promote the consumption of lipids as a main source of energy
  • Protein
  • Powerful fat “burner”
  • Energizing
  • Box of 300 gr, about 30 servings

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Maiday’s KetoProt is derived from the Ketogenic diet. This food method reverses what the body is used to, namely, drawing its energy from lipids (fats) and not from carbohydrates (sugars).

During a diet, we know that the first pounds lost come from the loss of water from carbohydrates (sugars). The idea is that the body enters the ketogenic phase and that the energy consumed is ideally 75% from fat, 15% from protein and 10% from carbohydrate.

Maiday KetoProt Basics:

Several nutritionists participated in the development of KetoProt. We have implemented a product that contains the famous predigested protein “Peptopro” with the aim of supplementing the nutritional intake required on a daily basis. To this we have added amino acids needed in the ketogenic phasing process. With the idea of making it a complete drink and that during a diet or a prolonged effort, we lose a lot of mineral salt, so we have added the necessary citrates. In order to sweeten it and avoid calories, we chose an exotic fruit flavor with Stevia.

How to take Maiday KetoProt:

Maiday KetoProt can be consumed at any time of the day, preferably with a meal.
During a physical effort, it is drunk like the TEAM or the TRAIL of Maiday. During substantial efforts, it can be alternated with one of them.
It is diluted in about 5 dl of water. The dose is only 10g or 2 level scoops (the latter is provided in each box).
Box of 300 grams, or about 30 servings.

Usage tips

– For sport, as an exercise drink, KétoProt will accompany you in all your races. Proteins, mineral salts, amino acids make it a complete and exceptional product.

– It can also be taken as an alternative to a meal. Its role is to reduce the feeling of hunger and allow you to “skip” a meal. Whether breakfast, noon or evening.

– In the form of a mini cure, for example 3 days a week you take no meals but, with each feeling of hunger, you drink KétoPro Maiday (3 to 4 doses per day).

– A combination of the 3 above proposals can also put you in an “Olympic” shape.



Proteins (Peptopro) – L-Carnitine – L-Isoleucine – Citrate (Sodium, Potassium, Calcium) – Flavor (exotic fruits) – Stevia.

Nutritional intake

Calories 22.6 kcal (92.05 kj)

Protein 5.4 g

Carbohydrates< 0.05

Lipids< 0.1

Shipping / Delivery

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