Natur’effect lipid boost

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– Helps to better consume fat
– Recommended use in addition to Slim Sonic
– Mixture of natural and organic micronutrients specific for the treatment of lipids
– Stimulates the expression of key genes of muscle physiology
– Restores a positive dynamic
– Increases oxidative metabolism
– Patented and unique active ingredient (mixture of micronutrients)


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How does it work ?

When performing SOFT exercises (VO2MAX< 85%), the muscle energy comes equally between
lipids and glycogens. The action of NATUR’EFFECT favors the energy of lipids and therefore
increases fat consumption.
When performing INTENSIVE exercises (VO2MAX> 85%), the muscle energy comes from very
lipids quickly thanks to SLIM SONIC because they are in circulation. Muscle stock
glycogen being low.
NATUR’EFFECT will not bring more effects with regard to the amount of fat burned
but will significantly facilitate this action, the responsible genes being stimulated.


Natur’effect is used:

– For anyone wishing to lose weight because it promotes the consumption of lipids

– For the athlete, or the active person who wishes to improve his performance

It is perfectly complementary to Slim Sonic because it considerably increases the consumption of fat destocked by Slim Sonic

TO BEGIN: 6 times a day, morning, noon and evening
WITH SLIM SONIC: 6 times a day, morning, noon and evening
TO MAINTAIN: 3 times a day, morning, noon and evening

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